An Oldie but a Goodie

This week's featured educational tool is Edmodo.  Edmodo has been around for a long time by tech standards and continues to adapt and add features as needed.  It would be impossible to list all of the applications you can find within the Edmodo platform so I'm going to stick to highlight three that I fell... Continue Reading →


Make math interactive with KnowlegeHook

This week's cool tool is an online application called Knowledge Hook and it's application called Gameshow.  This is similar to Kahoot! but made specifically for math.  The teacher creates a quiz and students enter the "waiting room" through their handheld devices using the generated pin.  Experience points are given based on time and correctness of... Continue Reading →

A Timely Post

This week is a timely post about a timeline creator called  Don't let the name fool you - this application has uses far beyond the history classroom.  Essentially any content that you would like students to learn can be used here.  Content doesn't need to be sequential to use this tool.  Take a look... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Technology Tuesdays

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Technology Tuesdays!  This blog will feature weekly posts of emerging educational technologies and how to use them in the classroom.  Each week I will try to post one or more educational tools and their practical applications in the classroom. For the first Technology Tuesday I have formative assessment tool called... Continue Reading →

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