Displaying IPAD Screen Without a Cord

There are times we want to share an IPAD screen with all of our students.  For example, I had a teacher want to use her IPAD as a document camera for editing papers and completing worksheets.  After pricing lightning to VGA cords around $50, I began looking for other options. Apple TV which would also work is even higher at over $100.   Univeral Air Server seems to serve as a way to easily connect my IPAD to my desktop computer and projector via a simple QR code and is priced at $11.95 with lower prices for group purchases.

To get started, visit the website and download either 32-bit or 64-bit version for Windows.  (Airserver is compatible with Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10.  For a list of requirements, look here.) Once it’s downloaded you will need to open the file and go through the various menus to install.  Depending on your system’s network policies you may have to have an administrator password to complete the installation.  You will also have the option to buy immediately or use a 7-day free trial with an option to buy later.  Air Server will then become one of your “apps” in Windows 10.

Once you’ve opened the app, it will appear in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.


To connect your IPAD, first, download Air Server Connect from the App Store to your IPAD.  Then click on the Air Server icon on your desktop.  It will open a menu.  One of these options is “QR Code for Air Server Connect”.  airserver_3

There should appear a QR code on your PC screen.  Open the Air Server Connect App on your IPAD and scan the QR code.  Once that’s complete your IPAD will give you this message:

air server ipad screen

Almost done! The final step is to swipe from the bottom of IPAD, click on Air Play and choose your PC to connect.

ipad connection

When you look at your PC screen you should mirror your IPAD screen.


Other features of Air Server Universal:

  • Android devices can also be mirrored.
  • You can mirror multiple devices at once.
  • Mirroring can be recorded to provide tutorials for students.

For more information about Air Server Universal, view the following video:


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