For the Organizationally Challenged

Being a high school librarian on a flex schedule means that my days and weeks vary. Some days I may not have any classes; other days I may have four or more classes back to back.  Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with calendars and lesson plans across multiple subjects, grade levels, and days.  And watch out if there’s a snow day or other emergency!  These must be the day  the makers of Planboard were thinking of.

Planboard is an online and IOS app which allows teachers to organize all their classes, lesson plans, calendars, and documents online.  Once you create an account, it walks you through setting up semesters, subjects, and sections (otherwise known as classes).  This is where the awesomeness begins.  Planboard includes “Curriculum Sets” which is simply a dropdown menu of state standards to choose from.  So for my English 9 classes, I was able to go in and select Virginia Standards of Learning – Grade 9 -English Language Arts.  It keeps track of the standards you’ve taught and those you still need to teach.


Once you’ve created your subjects, classes, sections, and assigned a set of standards, you are ready to start planning.  Each section will have a block for lesson planning and a pulldown menu for standards.  Select your standards and then you can either 1) type your lesson plan directly into Planboard or 2) attach a word or Google Drive document to your lesson.  If you are like me, you use a division-wide template for lesson planning.  You can actually create your own template and apply it to each class.  You can also add documents and files you may need for the lesson like PowerPoints, handouts, or music files.  Links and images can also be inserted.  All attachments can be viewed at the bottom of the page.  planboard_lesson_lan

Lesson plans can be copied to other classes as well so you are not having to retype the same information over and over.If you get a snow day….no problem!  With the touch of a button you can shift classes backward or forward. Lesson plans can also be shared with others via a link or embed code.  Imagaine having all your lesson resources in one place. No more having to hunt that PowerPoint or video you used.  There are also options for creating units aligned with the standards as well.

Using Planner view you can view by day, week, month, or unit.


This is definitely a resource I will be using in the future in an effort to put all my lesson plans, handouts, presentations, and links in one place.  Because it works across mutliple platforms and in the cloud, I don’t have to worry about flashkeys or having a desktop available.  I can pullout my tablet and work on lesson plans anywhere.

For more on Planboard, check out the following YouTube video.

Planboard Demo




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