Cut the Cord

Tired of being tied to your laptop and projector when presenting?  Try Doceri.  Doceri is an app that allows you to use your IPAD to control your computer screen.

Simply visit the App Store to download the free app (Doceri Interactive Whiteboard).  Then download the Doceri software on your laptop or desktop.  You can download on multiple devices so if you are moving from location to location you can connect with ease.  There are three options for download:  buy a license, update, try before you buy.  I have used the “try before you buy” for the last year.  The only downside is the constant pop-ups about it being a trial version.  The paid version is $30 and certainly well worth it.

You will be asked to provide basic information, like name, email, etc.  Once you’ve downloaded, run setup and go through the usual install windows.  It will then ask you to create a password.  It then gives you a connection dashboard. This a QR code.  You can use a QR code scanner on your IPAD to connect easily.  Alternatively, you can use the IP address (also know as host address) to connect as well.


On your IPAD, open the Doceri app.  Select through a computer.  You will get a screen asking for the host address (also known as the IP address).  Enter the address given on the computer’s connection dashboard.  Once that’s done you will see your laptop screen mirrored on your IPAD.  Now you are free to wander around the room and present via your IPAD app.  You can even use the record button to record what you are writing or annotating, so if you were to work a math problem, you could record the steps as you solve it.

Two other cool features Doceri has are an annotation tool and a whiteboard.  From your IPAD screen, click on the pencil located in the lower left-hand corner.  This allows you to “write” on the screen via your IPAD.


I have found Doceri to be a very useful tool when teaching in the library.  For more information, visit the Doceri channel on YouTube.  This channel features numerous lessons using Doceri organized by subject area.


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