Revisiting an old friend

After attending the VAASL state conference and attending a session by Brooksie Kramer and Kim Arrington, I have decided to revisit a website that’s been around for awhile – Thinglink.  It’s also available as an app on the App store.  Thinglink allows you to take a photo, illustration, any visual and embed content.  Look at the following example:


Each of the light bulbs is actually a link to embedded content.  When I click on the icon, it opens up a window to the embedded content:


Thinglink allows for the following content:  videos, images, audio, text, and links.  It has a handy search bar built within the application to search for the video on popular sites like Youtube and allows for image search on Flickr from the application.  The easiest way to embed images is to upload directly via the URL.  There is an impressive icon library which allows for a letter, numbers, clip art, etc.

Although Thinglink could definitely be used for face-to-face instruction with students, it would be even more powerful as a tool where students created their own content.  Think of all the worksheets you have students complete which involve diagrams and labeling.  Now imagine going beyond the simply labeling to actually have students embed educational content, whether it be additional text information or a video.

Thinglink also allows you to explore the gallery of previously created content.  I quick perusal found the following subject-specific Thinglinks.


For more educational uses, visit this page  or see this Youtube video includes basic info about how to create a Thinglink.



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