Game-ifying learning

This week’s post is about tools to game-ify learning.

The first application is an online website called Jeopardy Rocks.  Some of you may remember that when you wanted to use a Jeopardy game as review for a test you would have to create an involved PowerPoint with various hyperlinks to other slides.  It was very time consuming.  Someone has finally created a clickable and fillable Jeopardy board.  It’s so incredibly easy to use.  Create your free account.  There is a pro account for $48 a year which allows you to add equations, video, and images but the basic text version is free.  Once your account is created you will see a Jeopardy board.  Simply click on the boxes and enter the question information.  When you are ready to play select play game.  It will ask for how many teams (up to 4) and a team captain for each.  These captains and the scores will be visible at the bottom of the webpage allowing classes to see live scores.  When a team selects a question and gives an answer (unlike Jeopardy it is in the format of a question) the teacher then clicks check or  an ex if it’s wrong.  The game will automatically add and deduct points.  There is also a final jeopardy round.


The second application is Quizizz. This application is very similar to Kahoot!.  The most substantial difference bing that instead of students waiting for the teacher to present the questions, it’s like a timed speed round.  Students don’t need to login, they just need the code for the quiz.  The enter a nickname and then teacher starts the quiz.  It presents the questions and answers to each individual in the room and tells them if they are right and wrong and their rank for the quiz.  It also tells them the correct answer.  It also presents them with a funny meme.  The teacher is also able to view a report for the answers given by each participant in an Excel spreadsheet of a question by question summary.  Unlike Jeopardy Rocks, Quizizz also allows you to access the public quizzes so you can use content already created by others – a definite timesaver.


For more information, check out these YouTube videos:


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