An Oldie but a Goodie

This week’s featured educational tool is Edmodo.  Edmodo has been around for a long time by tech standards and continues to adapt and add features as needed.  It would be impossible to list all of the applications you can find within the Edmodo platform so I’m going to stick to highlight three that I fell are most useful in any classroom:  communication and collaboration, assessment, and security.

Communication and Collaboration:  Edmodo looks and functions a lot like Facebook.  Students and teachers can post items here to share with the class.  Teachers can pose a question and students can respond.  Students can also set up their accounts to all posts are sent as a text message to their phones.  So if you want to remind students about an assignment, you can post the reminder on the Edmodo page and a text message is sent to their phones.  Members can also like, share, or reply to posts.  The teacher is able to share folders and documents or links with students as well.


Assessment:  Teachers are able to send out assignments, quizzes, polls and snapshots to group members.  Assignments can be in the form of a file or link.  You set the due date and assignments can be locked so that no late admissions are accepted.  You can also scheduled assignments to send at a later date.  Quizzes are just as you would expect.  You can create quizzes  with multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill-in-the-blank or matching answers.  You can even give it a time limit and randomize questions.  Snapshot is a great feature.  Like a quiz, it presents students with a series of questions.  However, these questions are created by Edmodo and based on ELA and Math standards.  You choose subject, grade, and standard.  It has a small set of questions that it can send to students.  As a teacher, you are also able to view data on student completion.  Furthermore you can create groups within groups.  So if you have a group that needs more practice within on a certain school, you can create a subgroup and then send assignments to that subgroup.edmodohp

Security:  Students must have your group code to join your Edmodo group page making it a much more secure platform.  You can send invites to a students’ emails with the groupedmodo_securitycode or you can get a sharable link.  If you feel the group code has been compromised you can reset the code or lock the group.  The group settings feature also allows you to moderate all posts to ensure that all posted content in appropriate.

Here are twenty classroom applications of Edmodo:





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