Make math interactive with KnowlegeHook

This week’s cool tool is an online application called Knowledge Hook and it’s application called Gameshow.  This is similar to Kahoot! but made specifically for math.  The teacher creates a quiz and students enter the “waiting room” through their handheld devices using the generated pin.  Experience points are given based on time and correctness of answer.  The great thing about this application is it features a bank of questions already created and ready for use.  You can customize your quiz by picking and choosing which questions to use.  You can also edit questions.  Answer can be in the form of a multiple choice question or short answer.  The teacher can view student progress.  There is even an option allowing students to upload solutions.

To get started, create an account.  You will need to use your school email as only valid educational emails are allowed.  Once you’ve created your account you will add classes.  Give them a name and choose course and term.  There are courses from Grade 3 through Algebra II.  When you click on the class, the quizzes for that class will show up.  You can view numerically like quiz 1, quiz 2 or by standard like operations or number sense.  To preview the quiz, simply click view.  If you want to use some of the questions but not all, use the “+Add to Custom”option available for each question.  It will add it to a new custom quiz which you name.  You can also bring in questions from other courses, allowing for differentiation.  If you want to add your own content, create a custom show.  Choose edit show, not question.  Scroll to the very bottom and choose create new question.

To play gameshow, teacher selects play.  Here you can set up the gameshow settings.  You can choose from the following options:


Once you open the waiting room it will generate a pin for students to enter the gameshow on their handheld device.  Note that a different URL is used for student access.  This can be anything from a cell phone to a desktop – anything with web access. When all students have joined, start game.  It will  present the question both on your screen and student screen.  It gives a countdown with just the question and then presents the answer.  It tells them immediately if they are correct.   Another cool thing is students can do the work on scratch paper, take a picture of their work and upload the solution. When at least half of the class gets it right there’s a little celebration gif.

After students have completed the activity, a report is generated.  Go to reports in the dashboard.  Click on the quiz you want a report for and it will give you class average.  If you want to know individual student performance, click on view.


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