Welcome to Technology Tuesdays

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Technology Tuesdays!  This blog will feature weekly posts of emerging educational technologies and how to use them in the classroom.  Each week I will try to post one or more educational tools and their practical applications in the classroom.

For the first Technology Tuesday I have formative assessment tool called GoSoapBox.com.  It’s very similar to Socrative with a few differences.  Like Socrative, GoSoapBox is free for up to 30 students at a time and does not require a student login.  Teachers create events and each event has a code students enter to join. The teacher can predetermine whether students need to give a name or can remain anonymous.  While other students can view responses, only the teacher can view names.  The teachers also has the option to moderate the event and there is a profanity filter.  The teacher also receives real-time feedback.  Unfortunately GoSoapBox does not have an app at this time.  However, you can easily create a bookmark and post it on an IPAD’s screen for easy access.

To get started, create an account using the sign up tab on the GoSoapBox page.  The first thing you will need to do is create an event. Events are like classes and you can add different assessments to each event.  Each event will  have its own passcode to join and assessments can change as needed.  Every event will have a “confusion barometer” which is like an exit ticket where students simply reply “I am getting it” or “I amconfusion-barometer-new confused”.  The teacher sees results a barometer of student understanding.  One of the main differences is that this can stay open during instruction and students can change their responses
based on their understanding and the teacher can view in real-time.  It’s not simply respond, submit, and move on. So if you are teach ing a class and notice that the confusion barometer is showing a lot of red, maybe you take a step back and start over.

There are four types of assessments teachers can create under each event:  quizzes, polls, discussions, and social Q & A.

  • Quizzes can have multiple questions.  You can  select from multiple choice or short answer responses.  Once again results are real-time.  Response data can be exported as an excel sheet to print and save.  Quiz results can be reset so you can use the same quiz multiple times.  You can also use quizzes from different events so there’s no having to recreate for every event/class.
  • Polls are one question with multiple choice answers. The teacher can decide to present results as a pie chart or bar graph and whether students can view results.
  • Discussions are student comments to a posted question.  This is similar to quizzes but allows for more detailed and lengthier responses.
  • Social Q & A is a unique feature where students can actively ask questions while instruction is being given – kind of like a back channel chat. So students who are shy, who are afraid to ask questions, can do so without having to raise their hand and have the attention of the entire class. The other students will see the question but not the student.  Those students can then address the questions along with the teacher.

To determine which features are available to students during and event, use the moderation panel.  This is the place to turn on things like requiring a name or social Q & A.  moderation_panel

I invite you to try it for yourself.  I’ve prepared this fun simple intro to the student view of this tool.  To try it out, go to app.gosoapbox.com.  Enter 588-955-484 to join the event.  Try your hand at quizzes, polls, discussions, and social Q & A.


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